Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 12 April 2016

Our first priority is privacy and providing our members with a safe, secure and private dating environment.

Personal Information Collected

Some personal information is required when you register to be a member on To set up your profile we collect some personally identifiable information such as your name and email address. We store this personal information on our server and will never display the information on your public profile or use it in communication between members.

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Keeping Your Information Updated

Regular updates of your personal information, username, email address, location, password and all profile details are recommended.

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Your password should always be kept confidential to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information. If you suspect that your password has been compromised please CHANGE it immediately.

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A cookie is a piece of data stored on your hard drive that allows us to recognize your computer from one page access to the next. We use only session cookies, which are designed to be temporary. The session cookie is designed so that, once you close your browser, the cookie will simply terminate. If you configure your browser to reject cookies, you may still use some, but not all, portions of our site. For example, the login process and all member functionality require that your browser accept cookies. We recommend closing browsers on shared computers after use.

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Deleting Your Profile

We would love to have you on forever, but since we know you will find “The One” here, you will always have the option to delete your profile. Please note that this will permanently delete all your information. There will not be any trace left of you on our systems except for correspondence or support enquiries sent directly to us. Such correspondence may be stored on file where only authorized personnel will have access to it.

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Disclosure of Your Information

  • We will never disclose any of your information without your consent.
  • We will never supply a member's details to another member.
  • We will never sell or rent or give your information to any third party without your consent.
  • We will only disclose your information if legally obligated to do so by a statutory authority with the appropriate jurisdiction.
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No Spam Policy

We do not Spam! You will only receive emails from us and anonymous emails from other members. However, we will never supply, sell or rent your email address to any third party without your consent.

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Internal Use of Information

Our authorized personnel may internally use your information to improve our services, analyze site usage, optimize content, etc. We may however use personally identifiable information to troubleshoot problems and implement our terms and conditions.

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Refer a Friend makes use of a “Refer a Friend” service. Your friends will never receive unsolicited email from us and, once the “Refer a Friend” email is sent, they will never hear from us again unless you ask or they choose to become members themselves. You are never allowed to abuse our “Refer a Friend” service to send spam. Should you be found guilty of spamming, reserve the right to suspend your membership for a period of time.

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Our technical team continuously does their utmost to ensure the security of our systems, but we all know that Internet Security is a complex topic and no system can be considered 100% secure. Should a security breach occur we would endeavor to react as swift as possible to rectify the problem. However we cannot assume responsibility for member details compromised in the unlikely event of a security breach unless it is due to gross negligence on our part.

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Registering with Social Network Accounts

We provide a quick and easy method for members to register or log in with a social network account like Facebook. This is for the sole purpose of speeding up the registration process and no references to or content about will be posted to your social network account or timeline ever, unless you expressly permit us to do so. Refer to the 'Social Network Sharing' section for occasions where you may give permission to post updates on your social network account or timeline.

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Changes to Privacy Policy

It will not be a regular thing, but in the event that we do make significant changes to our privacy policy, these changes will be posted to our privacy policy page and also displayed as a link on your personal dashboard. Please familiarize yourself with such changes as soon as possible.

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